Week 10: Mother-daughter outing

Giselle Munoz was looking for something to do on the water that her mom “could pick up quickly, and that would be peaceful.”

Open House fit the bill.

Her mother, Bernarda, had never paddled before. “We shared a two-seater kayak and it was a lot of fun,” Giselle said. “I think she put trust in me.”

Since the current was strong, the two elected to paddle around the basin next to the boathouse instead of venturing onto the river. Giselle says they’ll come back for another outing soon.

As the summer heats up, so does Open House! It was our busiest of the summer, with 84 guests grouped into three waves. All three waves paddled north into a strengthening southward current.

This week’s activities also featured a special guest appearance by local turtle rescuer Lorri Cramer, who brought some of her reptilian friends.

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