Week 6: The people here make you feel welcome

“I felt good today because I managed to paddle against the strong southbound current,” said Marina Chasse´ who had joined Inwood Canoe Club (ICC) for her second Open House session. 

She lives a few blocks away from the boathouse and found ICC last year while walking down the road on a Saturday.  “I saw one of the members working on a canoe and he told me I should come paddle at Open House.  I came back the next Sunday.”

Marina  works in the music business, spending  half her year in New YorkCity and the other half in Paris. She hadn’t been able to come back to the canoe club until today.

“I love the Open House because the people here make you feel welcome and it’s very friendly.” 

“I’m trying to get my friends to come because it’s very peaceful being out on the river. You feel very small when you’re on the Hudson.”

And about that strong southbound current she ran up against today? ICC trip leader Erhan Sakallioglu said the river seemed to be running faster than the predicted two knots, possibly due to the heavy rains on Saturday.

That’s one of the great things about paddling the Hudson – the currents are always changing. It’s never the same experience when you paddle. Why not check it out for yourself next week? Come join us Summer Sundays for canoeing and kayaking.

Marina gets ready to paddle north with the group.   

Marina gets ready to paddle north with the group.