Open House, Week 3: The Workout

When Pablo Astwood decides to get some exercise, he doesn't mess around. Astwood biked to the boathouse from his home in Riverside, went kayaking for the first time ever, and was getting ready to pedal home when we spoke.

Like many people, he first noticed the ICC while using the path along the Hudson.

"I usually ride my bike around here," said the JP Morgan employee. "And I made it a point that I was going to get out here and have a nice workout.

Astwood said he also enjoyed "the scenic change, and the cool people."

Sunday's conditions were perfect for first-time paddlers. It was sunny, but not too hot, and the current was so gentle the river was nearly glassy. Forty-three guests turned out to paddle.

You can get a Hudson River workout, too. Join us for Open House!