Open House Week 2: The Choppier, the More Challenging

If you’ve been to Open House a few times, you’ve probably seen David Matsushita. The retired banker first tried paddling here about five years ago, and he’s been a regular ever since.

“I found out about the place from a friend who saw it online,” Matsushita recalled. “He said, ‘Let’s go down and try it together,’ so we did. I enjoyed it so much I’ve been coming back every year.”

Matsushita likes the “beautiful scenery,” which he called “almost pristine.” He appreciates all of the Hudson River’s many moods, he added, but “the choppier, the more challenging it is, and the more fun."

This week’s weather forecast called for possible thunderstorms, which seemed to hold turnout down. The storms never materialized, and the guests who did come enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere and a less busy dock.

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