[Mark's vision for the news page (not necessarily the same as anybody else's vision): The most recent items will be fresh and perhaps transient.  As items get older, we either delete them entirely, coalesce them with other items, or move them to the history page or some other page.  So the most recent items need not be long-term-noteworthy, but for an item to survive on this page for more than a few months means it is significant; the longer it survives, the more important it is. See more comments in square brackets below, especially on the NYO item.]

Happenings at the club over the last few years....

  • April 2014: This new website is launched.  The Commodore inaugurates our new blog [make "new blog" a link to her entry -- actually, that's done already] with a post about the development of the club in the last two years and the next year.
  • October 2013: The club admits our largest-ever group of new members, 14 new Turtles. We elected the 2013-2014 officers, including re-electing Janet Handy as Commodore. [This is an example of an item that might later be partly deleted (the first sentence) and partly coalesced with another item (the "re-elected" part of the October 2012 item).]
  • September 2013: The 2013 Open House season began on May 26 and ended on September 1. We took about M different people on more than N guided trips on the Hudson River. [Another coalesceable item: I would make the September *2012* item have the stats for all previous Open House seasons.]
  • August 2013: Member Julie McCoy is certified as a Level 3 instructor by the American Canoe Association. She is the Turtle with the highest assessed level of skills. [Haven't cleared this with Julie, but the real point is that we should document major education and training events here.]
  • January 2013: ICC and the City sign a license agreement after three years of negotiations.
  • October 2012: Hurricane Sandy floods the boathouse badly, destroys a large section of our retaining wall, and does other damage throughout our premises.  The main repair effort [make "repair effort" a link to a new page documenting our Sandy efforts] lasted through spring 2013, but some work remains to be done.
  • October 2012: Antonio Burr [make "Antonio Burr" a link to a new history page describing changes during his commodoreship] resigns after ten years as the Commodore (president) of the club.  Janet Handy is elected Commodore (and re-elected in October 2013).
  • August 2012 and August 2013: [Not sure this counts as noteworthy, but a secondary purpose of this page is to document fun stuff we do, not just officially important events, so people will want to join. So I would like to see *more* items like this, which would make this one stand out less. I also think we should document outreach events, letting them, too, linger here longer than their official significance would justify.] The club hosted New York Outrigger at the boathouse for some mutual learning about outrigger canoeing and kayaking. Pictures by Tom Stoelker with captions by Mark Handy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/inwoodcanoe/sets/72157630961955030/detail/

[and I don't think we should stop here, but I have run out of steam....]