Commodore Janet Handy to Step Down

A new youth program was started by Handy during her tenure. 

A new youth program was started by Handy during her tenure. 

Dear Turtles and Friends,

I hope the past year has been a good one for you. At this time of year, my thoughts drift to the waves of the Hudson and the fuzz-ball ducklings who will be riding them soon. It’s generally the best time of year for me—but this year is bittersweet. This will be my last year as Commodore and I leave the role with mixed emotions.

In 2006, when I joined ICC, the club was a quiet boathouse on an out-of-the-way path at the end of a little-used cul-de-sac. It was paradise! During the last decade, the environment around us and the club itself have changed dramatically. And it is still paradise!

I am proud of what the club has accomplished during my tenure as Commodore. It has been a wonderful and terrifying ride, and I have grown in ways I didn’t anticipate. I thank my fellow board members for their guidance and patience during my first experience in a leadership role. I am sad to leave, but the club is ready for a new vision that can take us to the next level.

The past year has been a busy one for the club. Under the excellent leadership of Vice Commodore Steve Harris, the club completed a number of projects, including a new floating dock, a boardwalk leading to the boathouse, and several boat racks. Our members donated hundreds of volunteer hours to complete these projects, and can be proud of the lasting legacy they are building.

We saw lots of smiling faces last summer at Sunday Open House—1,000 guests visited over the season and we were able to put big smiles on some young faces. Our new youth program offered kayaking events to three local organizations and served a total of 52 Guests. The first event was on June 10th, with 14 middle-school students and four chaperones from Inwood Academy. A dozen 11th graders and four adults visited from Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (WHEELS) on June 20th.

The final event was on August 17th, with high-schoolers from the Bronx Works Blue Waves swim team who paddled with us in 2014. Fourteen swimmers and four lifeguards paddled while parents and families watched.

Since the kids had kayaked with us before, we took them on a trip down to the George Washington Bridge. This summer, we will invite these organizations back and build further partnerships.

I have been privileged to work with a talented and giving group of members, and I am grateful for and proud of the amazing things they do and create. My relationship with the club will continue, but now I can focus on my reason for joining a decade ago—paddling!

Janet Handy