Open House Week 14: The Folding Boat

Many of us have been through this thought process: “Wouldn’t it be great to own a kayak?” Unfortunately the next thought is always: “Oh right—my apartment is barely big enough for me and my bed, never mind a boat.”

Shawn Lauriat went through that thought process, and then blew right through the other side.

“I saw a feature online for the foldable kayak, where they have bags that you can sling over your shoulder and go for a walk and such,” he recalls. “So at that point I just did the research and decided to go for it.”

His new Oru Kayak is a striking white boat with black trim. It’s made of polypropolene and it folds, origami-style, into a box about two-and-a-half feet long and two feet tall. He took it out for a paddle at last Sunday’s Open House and says it came through with flying colors.

“It felt pretty much as solid as any of the other hard kayaks here—just lighter. It was pretty much fine, but when we went into the wind, if I stopped paddling I turned into a human sail and I would start going backward.”

Whatever you’re paddling, Lauriat adds, Open House is always a good time.

“You cannot beat the views – the Palisades and the bridge and the Cloisters. It’s just a lot of fun.”

A record breaking 107 paddlers turned out for our penultimate Open House of the season, enjoying some strong currents and windy conditions under partly-cloudy sky.

Want to try it yourself? The final Open House of the 2014 season is this Sunday, August 31. Come join us!