Open House Week 13: Everything! Can I Say Everything?!

If you’ve been to Open House this summer, chances are you’ve seen Mila Loza in action. Whether it’s carrying boats, washing boats, or getting people in and out of boats, Mila is one of the first to volunteer for whatever needs to be done, and she always looks like she’s having maximum fun doing it.

Asked what she loves about Open House, she promptly answers: “Everything! Can I say everything?!” and laughs.

She grew up in the Bay Area, so she loves being on the water – “and feeling powerful, you know, when you start to pick up the pace.” She also likes talking to other paddlers, “meeting new people every week, beginners to advanced, learning from everyone, and trying to absorb as much information as I can. I enjoy being a sponge!”

Rain threatened to dampen spirits at last weekend’s Open House, but after a little early-morning spritzing the clouds lifted and we enjoyed mixed clouds and sun with fun, choppy water. The current was ebbing southward hard at 9 a.m., so all four waves launched south toward the George Washington Bridge in order to avoid the tough paddle upstream around the boatslips.

Fourth wave, you ask? Yes, we had a special group of guests from the BronxWorks Blue Waves swim program. Everyone had a great time paddling with them, and I think they enjoyed it too.

The Open House season is winding down, but you can still try it out if you hurry. Join us tomorrow or next Sunday, Aug. 31!