Open House Week 12: Shared Motivation

One of the great things about Open House is paddling with people who are learning to love the water. That was the case with Silvia Suero.

“I'm very afraid of doing things, and I’m amazed that the second time that I’ve been here I’m willing to do it by myself,” she said. “Even my husband was impressed!”

Suero says she'd bad experiences paddling a few times before. But when she came to La Marina one day and noticed people hanging around the boathouse, she got curious and decided to try again.

The first time, she struggled to control the boat -- but she got through it. “I had two people helping me, so I felt more motivated and my self-esteem went up," she recalls.

What does she like about being on the river? “I like the freedom,” she answers without hesitation. “Also the view. And I like the people. We don't know each other but we share the same feelings, the same motivation.”

Sunday matched our record-high number of 92 guests from earlier this summer. With the river flowing not-too-strongly to the south, three waves of paddlers headed north toward Spuyten Duyvil and enjoyed a swift ride back on the current.

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