Open House Week 9: Baptized by New York City

Falling in is the number one thing you worry about when you start paddling. Then one day you fall in – because every paddler does, eventually – and usually you discover it’s no big deal.

That’s what happened to Barbara Corleto at last Sunday’s Open House.

“I was trying to make a turn and I was grabbing too much water.  I tried to force my body to turn the boat, and that’s when I flipped,” she explains. “I guess I got baptized by New York City!”

ICC members practice getting people out of the water and back into boats, so they’re ready for moments like these.

“Your instructors are very helpful,” Corleto says. “They did everything they could possibly do to make sure I was calm.”

Corleto wants to come paddling again – and so does her friend, Tina MacKenzie.

“We had a blast,” she enthuses. “I enjoyed the sun, I enjoyed the water, I enjoyed how many people were out here having a good time.”

Her advice for would-be guests? “Come! It’s pretty cheap. The people here are great. Come early, if you do!”

That last bit is getting more important as our Open House numbers swell. This week we broke 90 for the first time any Turtle can remember.

Conditions on the river were challenging because the southward current peaked in the middle of the morning. All three waves of paddlers headed south toward the GW Bridge and then paddled back against the current. Some boaters stayed in the eddy right next to the boathouse for a more leisurely experience.

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