Open House Week 8: Lightning Round

Erin and Mary at the turnaround near the George Washington Bridge.

Erin and Mary at the turnaround near the George Washington Bridge.

This week's Open House had a touch of drama: just as the second wave of paddlers was about to head toward the bridge, a bolt of lighting flashed on the horizon, so everyone had to come in. Luckily the storm passed, so they scrambled right back out after 15 minutes and we were able to complete a full three waves.

It was another busy Open House; 74 paddlers went out on the water and about ten had to be turned away. The river was north-flowing and bouncy under gray skies.

Among the paddlers were Erin and Mary Lunsford from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Have you paddled much before?

E: We’ve done a fair amount of paddling. We’ve done it in the mountains of North Carolina, and Kauai --

M: That was rough, because I was ten and we were going against the current.

E: It's a river through Kauai and you stop in this place where, in one of the Indiana Jones moves, he swings on this vine in the jungle. So you get to swing on the vine, which is actually a rope made up to look like a vine.

Maybe we should get a rope swing?

E: Yeah! I mean, the water isn’t very cold …

M: Get a rope swing.

Why did you decide to come paddling?

M: I like water and boats.

E: It sounded like a fun thing to do on a Sunday morning. Kind of different from the usual city stuff.

M: It was an oasis of calm amongst busy-ness. You can quote me on that.

E: Yeah, instead of you know, fighting the brunch crowds. And we still have time for brunch!

Want to experience Open House for yourself? Join us for a paddle on the Hudson!