Open House Week 4: What a City Apartment Needs

Some 47 guests and 19 members turned out for another lovely, sunny Open House Day. Several members and at least three guests stayed after for a Work Day around the boathouse.

Two wonderful surprise guests dropped by: Eileen and Peggy Baxter, daughters of John Francis Baxter, who was a member of the club in the 1920's. 

According to the Baxters, when their father was 16, he lived on 110th Street in an apartment with his parents.  "And what does a city apartment need?  A canoe.  He bought a canoe, and told his folks he was going out on the water.  They had no idea what to make of it!" 

John Baxter stopped paddling when he got married "and the kids came. But he used to tell us about his days on the water." 

The Baxters have a few mementos, and are searching for a picture of their father.  The Turtles on deck gave them an ovation as they were leaving.

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-Alexandra Woods/Trish Anderton