Open House, Week 3: A Long Way

The Hudson River is a long way from Trinidad. And a plastic kayak is a long way from the rafts that Sterlin Toussaint used to paddle there. But he’s okay with that.

“Trinidad is really, really nice, especially on the beach,” he said at Sunday’s Open House. “But this is perfect. Anything with water, I love it.”

Rafting in Trinidad sounds pretty amazing. It mostly happens out on the open ocean; the rafts are made of bamboo, and the paddles resemble canoe paddles, with tin shafts and large blades.

“We would have, like, five of us” on a raft, Toussaint recalled. “On the open sea we don’t have current, it’s just waves. We fight the waves. But that’s part of the fun.”

There was no shortage of current at this Open House, with the tide once again flowing pretty swiftly southward. Sunny skies and light winds greeted the 46 guests and 24 stoic members who turned out the morning after a highly successful Cocktails on the Hudson.

Toussaint, who works as a building superintendent in Washington Heights, plans to come back. “I signed up for the season,” he said, “so I’m hoping to stick around and join.” See you on the water soon, Sterlin!

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