Open House, Week 1: The Same River Twice

Mada Romero and Justin Haines

Mada Romero and Justin Haines

You never paddle the same river twice, wrote the Greek philosopher Heraclitus – well, he would have, if he’d had a boat – and the Hudson River proved him right during our first Open House of the year.

There are new boatslips just north of the club, and it took a little work to get past them in a strong current. But first-time Open House guest Mada Romero wasn’t fazed.

“It was amazing,” Romero enthused after paddling the first two waves. “Actually, I was prepared to be really uncomfortable and nervous, and everyone made me feel very comfortable. They helped me into my life vest, they adjusted it carefully, I felt safe – and then I had the most glorious time on the river.”

Her favorite part? “I just loved being so close to the water and also having this unique view,” she said. “Looking at the bridge and the trees from here is a completely different experience.”

Romero paddled a double canoe and then a double sit-on-top with Justin Haines. It was “a blast,” Haines agreed. “This really lets you get in there and get exercise, get some sun, enjoy a beautiful day, and see the river.”

Some 35 guests turned out. Several pitched in after the third flight came back, helping to clean the boats and put them away.

Up until Saturday, the forecast called for thunderstorms. But Mother Nature came through at the last minute with clear skies, sunshine, and pleasant temperatures.

It was a great start to another paddling season. See you on the water soon!