Member Profile: “Mystery Steve” a Mystery No More!

Name: Steve Welch

Club position: athletic member / de facto construction foreman and spirit-lifter during storm repairs.

From: Dover, Delaware
Canoeing since: 1977. Began in a 17-foot Grumman, which he still owns.

Education: 2 years of journalism at Wesley College, 2 years at Boston University for international relations, Masters in agronomy at the University of Florida at Gainesville, Ph.D. in soil and tropical cropping systems from Cornell University. Dissertation: Hydrology of reforestation and agroforestry systems in the Brazilian Amazon.

Work Experience: chimney sweep, journalist, welfare caseworker, tour guide in Washington, D.C., schoolbuilder and elementary teacher in Ghana, refugee resettlement worker in Maryland, visiting researcher and ecotourism river guide in Brazil, intern with U.S. Department of Agriculture in Madrid, high school science teacher, adjunct professor at American University, carpenter. Now an agricultural specialist with U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Interests: Woodworking, antiquing, ethnomusicology and dance: Brazillian forro and samba, salsa, zydeco, and African drumming and dance.

On Sandy Repairs: “A lot of our canoe club members are architects, choral arrangers, videographers, public relations, lawyers, and therapists. So getting members to use hammers, drills, grinders, sledgehammers, axes, molls, and mega pry bars has been kind of fun.”